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Teddies Reviewed: December 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Steiff lion and lioness, both dating from around 1950My husband bought a lion and tiger at an auction a few years ago. They are each about 2 feet long and in perfect condition. He paid a total of $25 for the pair, and we enjoy them on our living room sofa. Can you tell me more about them and their value? —Pat Bonham, Bay Village, Ohio

Britain’s Best Bear Spots PDF Print E-mail

Life-size “Edward Bear” is a resident of The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum. Photos by Terry and Doris Michaud unless otherwise notedTerry and Doris Michaud visit Britain’s teddy bear hotspots.


It seems like it was just yesterday when the first teddy bear entered our lives, but it was actually some 36 years ago when we acquired the first of what was to become a major collection of antique teddy bears. That dates us as old-timers, but we can be grateful that we started when we did, as the hobby was in the early stages of what would become a worldwide phenomenon.

Cuddly Panda PDF Print E-mail

Cuddly PandaThis 5-inch cuddly panda was created using a straight, medium-density alpaca approximately ¼ inch in length.


Alpaca, a premiere teddy bear fabric, is wonderful to sew on and makes a teddy that allows you to sculpt an innocent and charming face. Many patterns designate beginner, intermediate or expert bear-making skills. I’d like to think that if you enjoy hand sewing and can do a running backstitch, you can create a treasured friend.

A Teddy Legacy PDF Print E-mail

Each Bracken Bear comes in a tissue-lined box, complete with documentation and a record book.Honor your genealogy with a family heirloom bear from Bracken Bears.


It was love at first sight—there for the world to see, blatantly in a centerfold spread, begging to be mine. How could I resist those cheeky brown eyes peeking through spiky, blond hair? Could this aristocratic beast want to be mine? Would he be interested in me? The answers were just a phone call away. After the first ring, a cheerful voice answered: “Hello, Susan here! How can I help you?”

Teddies Reviewed: October 2008 PDF Print E-mail

17-inch Austrian bearI enjoy reading Teddy Bear Review, especially your column. Would you tell me more about the teddy bear I recently acquired, which has a green badge on its chest that reads “BERG”? —Jim Van Lieu, Hamilton, Ohio

Jim, your 17-inch teddy hails from Austria. BERG is one of the premium makers from there, especially in the 1950s and ’60s. Your bear resembles Steiff, and the company’s quality was quite good. Your teddy, in great condition, is valued in the $300 range today.

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