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Soulfully Stitched PDF Print E-mail

Part of the Fashionable Lady series, “Madame Dubeary” is a stunning “clotheshorse” that sports a splendid, colorful gown and hat. The well-garbed gal stands 5¾ inches.Sue Pendleton’s charmingly crocheted bears brighten up the room and collectors’ hearts.


One of the most fascinating things about bear artist Sue Pendleton is that she is so understated and modest about herself and her experiences. Though she presents herself as an average Jane with a typical workday, her bears spotlight something altogether different.

"KEYS" to Collecting PDF Print E-mail

Yearly checkups of your display cases with help keep your treasures safe. Dust, check for critters and replace your cedar blocks or bags. Ken Yenke provides tips on becoming an expert and efficient collector.


It has been many years ago, but I distinctly remember one day when my wife, Brenda, and I drove nearly three hours to attend an auction in Lancaster, Ohio. There was one 20-inch-tall Schuco yes/no teddy bear (the tail is moved up or down to make the teddy nod yes or no) pictured in the auction flyer. It appeared in the flyer to be one from the US Zone period (1948–1953), and that was one size and year we did not have in our teddy bear collection.

Teddies Reviewed: October 2007 PDF Print E-mail

1906 Steiff teddy bearJoel Leachko, of Hiram, Ohio, inherited this 14-inch teddy from a great uncle. He would like to know more about it.

Joel, your 1906 Steiff teddy is just simply gorgeous! It is a blond mohair with rust-colored nose and claws. In generally good condition, it has a retail market value in the $5,000-plus category. Treasure your treasure!

Best Kept Secret PDF Print E-mail

Mouat made “Hope” as a charitable donation for Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. The inspirational bear has a music box placed inside her tummy and her head rotates to the music.Stephanie Finnegan chats with up-and-coming artist Kerrie Mouat, of Best Dressed Bears, about hailing from “down under,” the upside of insomnia, and the highs and lows of being a creative personality.


Kerrie Mouat, the dynamic driving force behind Best Dressed Bears, is a people person. Even though she is surrounded by ursine companions ten and 15 hours per day, she comes alive when she is engaged with a customer, a fellow bruin enthusiast, an inquisitive magazine writer or just a person stopping by at her booth to say, “How are you?”

Double Happiness PDF Print E-mail

Mother-and-son duo Jane and Jared Monroe have a combined 42 years in the collectibles field.It’s twice the fun as family members Jane and Jared Monroe roll up their sleeves and create.


Bears and bunnies: The two breeds seem to go together like a hand in a glove or, more fittingly, a paw in a mitten. These two cuddly critters have long adorned cutely decorated bedrooms and friendly, folksy living rooms. When it comes to excelling at bears and hares, two names stand out in the field: C. Riffenberg Bear Co. and Jare Hares & Bears.

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