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Mouat made “Hope” as a charitable donation for Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. The inspirational bear has a music box placed inside her tummy and her head rotates to the music.Stephanie Finnegan chats with up-and-coming artist Kerrie Mouat, of Best Dressed Bears, about hailing from “down under,” the upside of insomnia, and the highs and lows of being a creative personality.


Kerrie Mouat, the dynamic driving force behind Best Dressed Bears, is a people person. Even though she is surrounded by ursine companions ten and 15 hours per day, she comes alive when she is engaged with a customer, a fellow bruin enthusiast, an inquisitive magazine writer or just a person stopping by at her booth to say, “How are you?”

Double Happiness PDF Print E-mail

Mother-and-son duo Jane and Jared Monroe have a combined 42 years in the collectibles field.It’s twice the fun as family members Jane and Jared Monroe roll up their sleeves and create.


Bears and bunnies: The two breeds seem to go together like a hand in a glove or, more fittingly, a paw in a mitten. These two cuddly critters have long adorned cutely decorated bedrooms and friendly, folksy living rooms. When it comes to excelling at bears and hares, two names stand out in the field: C. Riffenberg Bear Co. and Jare Hares & Bears.

2007 Golden Teddy Awards PDF Print E-mail

Beautiful bears and stunning soft-sculpture animals were nominated, and voting ballots were cast for the 2007 Golden Teddy Awards. After the votes were tallied, 14 wonderful creations came out on top. The winners, listed here in bold, were announced at the annual Doll & Teddy Bear EXPO in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 11, 2007.

Teddies Reviewed: August 2007 PDF Print E-mail

10-inch Aetna teddy bearI acquired this sweet old teddy bear who is only 10 inches tall. Could you identify the type of bear, or where he was made, and value? —Michele Behan, Severna Park, Md.

Michele, your early American teddy bear was made by the excellent crafters named Aetna. The 10-inch size is referred to as doll-size because they were intended to replace little dolls of that popular day, in 1907. The nose appears to be original, but there is a lot of missing mohair. The eyes are also original blown glass with amber irises. Value, as shown, is up to $500. Very sweet teddy!

A Shore Thing PDF Print E-mail

Boyds Bears explains how randomly placed patterns found on every creation make each bear a true one-of-a-kind. “Noah,” 14 inches, and “Grace,” 21 inches, embody a nostalgic, charming feel. The small Shore bears are priced at $19.99; the larger 21-inch one is $34.99.Courtesy of Boyds Bears, Jim Shore’s past and present patch together in a seamless blend of quilting quaintness and folksy whimsy.


While other little boys spent their childhoods dreaming of becoming firemen, cowboys or astronauts, Jim Shore, well-known creator of the “Heartwood Creek” line of collectibles, “knew” at the age of four that he was an artist.

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