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Bear Essentials: Ringing the Changes PDF Print E-mail

By cleverly combining different kinds of fur, and by the use of different facial treatments, Ellen Borggreve has created two completely different animals from the same pattern. “Andiamo” is a racoon, while “Pinju” is a Red Panda.Altering patterns can result in dramatically different looks.


If, like me, you have a low boredom threshold, you will likely run out of inspiration quite quickly if you just keep repeating the same pattern. Once you have gained a little experience drafting your own patterns, you will probably begin to ask yourself “I wonder what would happen if...” questions.

Wondering and Wandering PDF Print E-mail

Priced at $495, 15-inch “Joe Schmoe from Kokomo” boasts a silly name and a dramatically aged appearance. “She has found a way to weave a magic spell that combines outstanding artistry and a true love of teddy bears,” states collector Debbie Sweitzer. “Her bears are heirloom quality and have unique and charming personalities.”Laure Weltsch has mined her memories and her many journeys to create charming critters.


How do you remember what you remember? Why is it that we can recollect a summer’s day lazing in the grass, back in 1979, but we can’t recall what we ate for breakfast last Wednesday? What is it about incidents from our childhood that suddenly make them pop up and feel real and tangible and alive?

Rescue 411 PDF Print E-mail

The nose knows! A helpful hint from the Michauds: A new nose can be given a slightly worn look by rubbing white chalk on it, then lightly brushing it off.Should you restore an old teddy bear? Absolutely! (Or maybe not…)


There are relatively few subjects in the teddy bear world that are considered somewhat controversial. Buying an old bear for investment is one (a topic for another day), and whether to repair or restore a vintage teddy bear is another.

Smartly Dressed PDF Print E-mail

Getting ready for beddy-bye never looked so sweet! “PJ” is a 14-inch miss that holds her slumbering friend “Patches.” Wearing the most adorable pink pajamas with a matching bow, “PJ and Patches” is $22.  “Ol' Patch,” 12 inches, is a cute chenille bear that wears a bow around his neck, and is priced at $12.Stray cats strut...and so do piggies, bunnies and bears. Meet the Bearington Collection’s well-heeled, well-made menagerie.


One of the most remarkable parts of being a child was the imaginary world we all inhabited. In the confines of our bedrooms, or in the privacy of a clubhouse or a tree-filled backyard, we were free to spin, twirl, close our eyes and pretend to soar.

Bear Essentials: The Perfect Work Environment PDF Print E-mail

Borggreve keeps her studio immaculately tidy, which puts her in the right frame of mind for creating her bears and animals.The perfect work environment enables you to work at your best and produce great bear-making results.


Everyone has his or her own idea of what makes the perfect work environment. For you it might include listening to your favorite music or radio station, or it may even be a place where you can go to have absolute peace and quiet away from the hurly burly of everyday living.

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