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2011 Golden Teddy Awards Rules PDF Print E-mail

How to Enter


1. Visit and click on the link to enter online, or simply click here for direct access. Fill out the online form. Please double-check for accuracy; the information given will be used in the magazine and for promotional materials for any nominated and winning entries. Any entry form that is not accompanied by an entry fee will be invalid and not viewed by the judges. A separate online form must be filled out for each piece entered.


2. Each bear maker entering the contest must select either the “artist” or “manufacturer” category. An artist is defined as someone who makes fewer than 1,000 bears annually. Participants may submit multiple entries per category, but nominations will be limited to one per maker per category.


3. The entry fee must be included. The first entry is $50. Additional entries are $35 each. Payment must be made by credit card. These fees are nonrefundable. Fees are applied to the contest’s administrative and publicity costs. Each entry must be accompanied by a paid entry fee or it will be disqualified.


4. Include two photos. See contest rules below.


5. Entries must be received by Feb. 15, 2011.


Contest Rules


1. Each entry must be accompanied by two clear color photographs (one full-body and one close-up of the face), sized at least 1,200 by 900 pixels.

No prints, disks, transparencies or slides will be accepted. These photographs become the property of Jones Publishing, Inc., and may be used for promotional purposes or in Teddy Bear Review. If nominated, your photo will be used in Teddy Bear Review.


2. Entries must be photographed against a plain, flat, solid-color background. Each entry must be photographed separately. Only props or accessories sold with the teddy bear/animal are permitted in the photograph.


3. A separate entry form must be filled out for each piece entered.


4. Any bear/animal introduced after Feb. 1, 2008, is eligible for the contest. The entry must be a new, original design and not a variation or re-costuming of a previous design.


5. Dressed bears must be costumed by the maker. A bear is considered dressed if it appears to be fully dressed (even if the costume is made as part of the bear) or if the bear is accessorized. Accessories are decorative objects contributing to the costume or character and must be attached to the bear/animal. Props, which are items used to create a scene, may be used only in the Tableaux category. Needle-felted/sculpted animals (one or more than one), with or without props, should be entered in the Needle-Felted/Sculpted Animals category.


6. Undressed bears may be very simply accessorized with one (1) of the following: a bow, a tie, a hat, a collar, etc. Bears wearing wings are considered dressed.


7. Participants may submit multiple entries in each category, but nominations will be limited to one nominee per maker per category. Nominees will be notified in March 2010.


8. Entries should be measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the foot (not including accessories). Bears/animals designed to stand on all fours should be measured from the nose to the tip of the tail.


9. If a submission entered into a category is deemed inappropriate by the staff of Teddy Bear Review, the magazine has the right to disqualify the bear/animal or move it to a different category.


10. Any substantial changes made in costume, materials or retail price from the original entry are grounds for disqualification of the entry.


11. Judges will rate bears on the following criteria:

• Overall aesthetic appeal

• Excellence in concept, design and execution

• Quality of material and workmanship


12. Should you win your category and not be available to accept your award, you must appoint an on-site representative. Winners with no appointed representative will be charged a nominal representative fee.


13. The above instructions must be followed to be considered for nomination.

Entries must be received by Feb. 15, 2011, to be considered.


Bear/Animal Details


When preparing to enter online, have the following information ready:

• Name of bear/animal

• Height (in inches)

• Edition size (if limited)

• Retail price (in U.S. currency)

• Body material and color

• Paw pads material and color

• Eyes and color

• Stuffing

• Special features and/or costume description

• One full-length and one close-up photo (at least 1,200 by 900 pixels)




Individual Artist


A single bear/animal designed and made primarily by the artist and offered for sale. An artist is defined as someone who makes less than 1,000 bears annually.



  1. Artist Bears, Undressed, Small (5 inches & under)
  2. Artist Bears, Accessorized, Small (5 inches & under)
  3. Artist Bears, Undressed, Standard Size (over 5 inches & under 14 inches)
  4. Artist Bears, Accessorized, Standard Size (over 5 inches & under 14 inches)
  5. Artist Bears, Undressed, Large (14 inches & over)
  6. Artist Bears, Accessorized, Large (14 inches & over)


Artist Plush/Soft-Sculpture Animals

• All other non-bear plush/soft-sculpture animals


Artist Needle-Felted/Sculpted Animals (must be at least 80-percent needle-felted)

• All animals, including bears



A single bear created for sale by a manufacturing or importing company.



  1. Manufacturer Bears, Small (5 inches & under)
  2. Manufacturer Bears, Standard Size (over 5 inches & under 14 inches)
  3. Manufacturer Bears, Large (14 inches & over)


Manufacturer Plush/Soft-Sculpture Animals

  • All other non-bear plush/soft-sculpture animals



A grouping of more than one bear and/or animal with or without props, or a single bear/animal with props, in any size. This award is open to both manufacturers and artists. One award will be presented.


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