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Teddies Reviewed: February 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ken Yenke   
Friday, 01 February 2008 00:00

Valentine’s teddy fashioned of bright pink colored shaggy mohair, typical of the Roaring TwentiesThis is a photo of myself with my teddy bear around 1930. Do you know who made him and what is he worth today? —June Studer, Smithville, Ohio

June, your Valentine’s teddy is fashioned of bright pink colored shaggy mohair, typical of the Roaring Twenties. The ears are not sewn on but stuck in pre-sliced holes. This was initiated by Petz. Your bear’s value with photo and provenance is in the $500 range.

Cats made in Germany at least 60 years agoWe have a set of cats, which are very unique—a great mother with her four kittens that look very real. When do you think they were made and what is their current value? —John and Anita Gehring, Westfield, Ohio

John and Anita, I have seen a few sets like yours over the years. They are very artistically created and do look very real. Unmarked, I know they were made in Germany at least 60 years ago. Collectors have paid $1,000 for a set like yours.

20-inch Bruin Manufacturing Co. teddy bear made in 1907I have acquired a great black teddy that has the letters BMC sewn onto the right foot. It is supposedly over 100 years old, and I would like to know the value if possible. —Christina Penna, Sacramento, Calif.

Christina, your 20-inch teddy was made by the Bruin Manufacturing Co. (BMC) of New York in 1907. He is not only rare but also very near to mint condition. From the photo, I know the bear, fashioned of black worsted wool, is worth in excess of $5,000. Great acquisition!

20-inch Petz teddy bear from Sonnenberg, Germany, around 1913Would you know who made this old teddy bear? I would also like to know the value of the Schoenhut clown as well as the bear. —Jean Hartman, Westlake, Ohio

Jean, your cute clown, from 1910, is one of the original Schoenhut’s. He is worth around $300. The 20-inch Petz teddy is from Sonnenberg, Germany, around 1913 and valued at $500. Great set of early toys!

Ideal teddy bear dating from around 1910I have a 24-inch teddy that belonged to my wife, who recently passed away. What is the age and value please? —Ken Bay, Ormond Beach, Fla.

Ken, sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. The beautiful teddy bear is an early Ideal in fantastic shape. It dates from around 1910 and is certainly worth more than $500.

Bear made in the Philipines around 1960I bought this bear at auction recently for $50. I wonder if you can tell me more about it as well as its real value. —Nanci Dnore, Deer Park, Wash.

Nanci, your bear is reminiscent of the 1910 bears that featured composition limbs but a brushed flannel body. Yours, however, was made in the Philipines about 1960 or so and is hard to find, but not vintage—yet. It is worth up to $100.