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Teddies Reviewed: February 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ken Yenke   
Thursday, 01 February 2007 00:00

Late 1940s Kamar teddy bearI have acquired a sweet little bear with a tag that says “Kamar.” Could you tell me something about his age and value? —Gayle Carney, Orting, Wash.

What a sweet little bear you have. He dates from the late 1940s and was made in Japan where Kamar was one of the most prolific post-WWII exporters of plush animals. In great condition, collectors pay up to $100 for a bear like yours.

Hermann teddy bear from the 1912 to 1920 eraEnclosed is a photo of my beautiful 20-inch teddy bear. The previous owner suggested he might be a Bing, but I have no idea who made him. Would you kindly tell me about his maker and perhaps value? Thanks for any information you can pass to me. —Susan Howard, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Your teddy is a very fine example of the earlier Hermann teddy bear from the 1912 to 1920 era. Your bear has a very soulful look, and even with substantial mohair loss, I would value him in the $500-and-up bracket. Great bear!

Skating Bing teddy bear dateing from 1918 to 1925Here is a picture of our bear. I saw one like him in your book, Teddy Bear Treasury II. It called him a “skating bear.” He is missing his skates, and the only identification is the name, “Gerbruder Bing” on the keyhole where you wind him up. What value is he? —Terry Kemm, Springfield, Mo.

Your skating Bing dates from 1918 to 1925. He is pictured in the Teddy Bear Treasury Volume II on page 38. I would value him at up to $1,000 in great condition but without skates. Good luck in trying to fit him with some good skates!

11-inch Hecla teddy bearI found an old teddy that I would love to get your expert opinion on. I know absolutely nothing about bears since I collect antique bisque dolls. Whatever you can tell me about my newly found old bear will be appreciated. —Kirsten Hogan, Martinez, Ga.

You may collect bisque dolls, but if you keep finding teddy bears like this one, you will quickly have another collection...of teddy bears! Your rare early American teddy was made by Hecla. Hecla often featured a rust-colored yarn in the nose and claws of the bears it made. The 11-inch bear in slightly worn condition is still valued in the $500-$750 range.

White Petsy by Steiff made in the 1927-1928 eraEnclosed is a photo (right) of what I believe to be an early Petsy. Can you tell me what you think of this bear? —Lisa Hanson, Blanchardville, Wis.

Wow! You are right on with your evaluation. It is indeed a rare, white Petsy by Steiff made in the 1927-1928 era. I would give it a general value of at least $7,500. In today’s marketplace, it’s truly a special teddy bear.

20-inch Ideal teddy bear from 1908Enclosed is a photo of the bear you appraised for me at the 2006 Expo in D.C. You mentioned that the Teddy Bear Review readers would appreciate seeing him, too. —Pat Obringer, Seven Lakes, N.C.

Thank you for sending in the photo. As stated, your 20-inch Ideal teddy bear is a splendid example of the 1908 factory production. In very good condition, he is valued in the $3,000-and-up range. What a great early American teddy bear!