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Teddies Reviewed: February 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ken Yenke   
Sunday, 01 February 2009 00:00

Gund, 1930-1940My mom has this teddy and would like to know its value. She keeps it in like-new condition and nothing is broken on it. Thanks for your knowledge. —Judy Smith, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Judy, your mom has a bear on all fours made by Gund around 1930-1940. Near mint, it is valued around $500.

Ideal, 1930sThe dollar value is not much, I know, but I just love [this bear’s] look. How old is he and who made him? He is 16 inches tall. —Kenne S. Keocher, Mora, Minn.

Kenne, your cute-looking bear is a 1930s Ideal teddy bear. He is very worn, but we call that “well loved”!


Teddy bear made in France in the 1920aAmerican Aetna teddy, made around 1907I am sending two photos, one of a 24-inch bear and the other of a 16-inch teddy. I bought the big one in France and the smaller one at an antiques show. Could you give me their values? —Karla and Jim McDowell, Adel, Iowa

Karla and Jim, you have two very nice-looking bears. The slouching teddy with the shoe-button eyes (near right) appears to be an early American Aetna teddy, made around 1907, and valued around $500. The pinkish mohair, wide-set eyes and flat cardboard-covered feet tell me your 24-inch bear (far right) was made in France in the 1920s; it is valued at around $400. Congratulations on two nice finds!

16-inch Gebruder Sussenguth tipped-mohair bear from the 1920s26-inch Knickerbocker from the 1930sThese are my two favorite teddy bears and I wanted to have you comment on them. —Janet Shafer, Brook Park, Ohio

Janet, I think they are great! The bear at far left is a 16-inch Gebruder Sussenguth tipped-mohair bear from the 1920s and valued at $750. The other bear, valued at around $800, is a 26-inch Knickerbocker from the 1930s. What a delightful pair!

12-inch Ideal teddy bear dating from around 1907Enclosed are photos of my dog on wheels and teddy bear. Both have much wear and “chewed noses,” but I hope you can identify and value them for me. —Tarley Levenson, West Newton, Mass.

Steiff St. Bernard from around 1920Tarley, your two old companions have been well loved. The 12-inch teddy bear is an early Ideal dating from around 1907. Because of his mohair loss and nose damage, he is probably worth up to $300 to someone who appreciates his heritage. The worn St. Bernard on wooden wheels is a Steiff from around 1920 and has great character. His collector value is probably about $250. These are great pieces of history!

Wilhelm Strunz teddy bear made around 1905-1906My grandmother gave my 54-year-old sister this bear when she was a kid. She has kept it ever since then and took it everywhere with her. Hearing about auction prices for Steiff, we thought we should write to you to see what the value might be. Your articles are great! —Nancy Wood, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Nancy, what a great family treasure! Your sister’s 14-inch bear is not a Steiff but a Wilhelm Strunz made around 1905-1906 in Germany to compete with Steiff. With substantial mohair loss, but still a lot of character, I would value him at around $400. He still makes a great-looking companion!