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Five Bears and a Regal Girl: The ursine characters in “Brave” are just as important as the human counterparts. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Tuesday, 04 December 2012 16:31
For almost a month now—since “Brave” was released on Blu-Ray at the Disney Store—my kids have been running around the house talking in outrageous Scottish brogues. They sound like they’re refugees from a broken-down touring copy of “Brigadoon.” I can’t help but chuckle every time I hear them say “canna” for “can’t.” As a matter of fact, watching a pint-size second grader mimic a Sean Connery impersonator is pretty awesome: “Aye canna cum to the table now, maerther, cause I’m a wee busy with the bairns.” (Translation: “Mom, I’m busy playing with the other kids.”)

Travels with Teddy: Zylie is one smart fashionable bear who is also a “living doll”! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 19 November 2012 09:45
If you’re like me, when Thanksgiving rolls around, you get sort of sentimental and weepy. Hallmark Card messages take on extra weight and significance, and a simple “thank you” can render a lump in one’s throat. It happens every year, when I consider how fortunate I’ve been in my life, but this year is extra special. Where I live, we were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, and this followed on the heels of last year’s devastating Hurricane Irene. So, after two years of being walloped by weather, I am so thankful that my house is still standing, and that my family is all together. Our spirits and our days might have been dampened and drenched, but we are vowing to rebuild and regroup. I’m happy that we will be together on Thanksgiving and we’ll be able to talk about the big 2012 storm as a past memory. And, more important, discuss future plans and exciting events-to-be.
Building Memories and Moments: BABW is a champ at creating bonds and bears. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 05 November 2012 15:29
Whoever came up with the idea of cutting two holes in a hat and adding a circle for a tail to protrude from a pair of blue jeans, I want to thank you. In fact, I want to tip my non-holed hat to you. You are a genius!

It’s Alive: Frankenweenie lives again with a laboratory’s worth of collectible parts! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:34

Many years ago, when I worked in children’s book publishing, we had a morning meeting where we were talking about trends. The movie “Ed Wood” had just opened, and I was smitten by it. When I brought up how enthusiastic I was about the black-and-white cinematography, the campy re-enactments of ultra bad movies, the charming performance of Johnny Depp, and the ragtag camaraderie of the characters and how it was infectious, my publisher looked at me like I was insane. (It wasn’t the first time I received such a bewildered death stare.) “That movie stinks,” he declared. “It’ll never go anywhere. It’s junk.”


Book Smart: The Yottoy company celebrates reading, writing, and wrapping your arms around both! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 08 October 2012 09:56

I’ve been lucky in a lot of aspects. No, I’ve never won the lottery or a major sweepstakes (I got exhausted from clicking on all the Publishers Clearing House e-mailed ultimatums), but I am fortunate that I’ve gotten to pursue two passions in my life: literature and collectibles.

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