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How to create an amazing “Artist page” for your website PDF Print E-mail
Written by Helen Gleeson   
Friday, 02 March 2012 16:48


Firstly let’s clarify the difference between Artist Biography and Artist Statement.


Artist-page-Blog-1Artist Biography

A short biographical, detailed description of your personal artistic history. This can include facts about where you live, how you came to be an artist, including any accomplishments and any other facts about you.

Artist Statement

When writing your artist statement you can talk about your inspiration, and aspirations. This can be a little insight into your artistic mind and heart.


Include both your Artist Biography and your Artist Statement on your Artist page. The length should be no longer than a standard page. Remember your brand communication (Brand communication is Step 3 in “Branding your Art Business” Explained in detail in the free Art Business Acceleration Course.)


It's not all about you.

While your artist page is all about you, start with your reader and potential collector in mind. Share how you got started in your art, why you do what you do. Whatever it is about you, that make you a little different. Do you have formal art education or are you self taught. Do you have a particular style aesthetic? Share your passion. Why do you create your art? What inspires you? Maybe you have a direction you wish to take. This is a great way to keep you accountable to achieving your goals too. Show your potential collectors why they should invest in your work. List your awards and accomplishments. Include profiles of your work that have been published. All evidence that they can be sure they will be collecting bears which are highly sought after from an accomplished artist. If you offer other products like patterns and kits you can mention this too and include a link to the appropriate pages for purchase.


It's all in the presentation

Think about great ways to share this information, of course you can write about yourself in the traditional manner, but think about how great it would be to include a 2 minute video about yourself saying "hi" in person. New media like video and audio a great way to connect with your readers. Include photos of yourself and awards. Offer links to your products you mention. Remember to keep your Artist page current, adding new awards straight away. Don't set this page and then forget about it. This is the page people will go to find out about you. Not having your latest award mentioned would be such a shame.


Include a call to action

Once you have taken the time to tell your story, who you are and why someone should follow your art, give them the option right there on the page. Include your mailing list sign up form and ask them to go ahead and sign up to your mailing list. If your artist page is clear and promotes you in good standing the reader is sure to want to know more and would like this opportunity to see more of your bears as you create them.