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PJ’s and the Bear: Pajamas and teddy bears are a perfect fit! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 08:41
What better way to say “Happy Birthday” to a good pal than with a cuddly cub to call his own?
Able to leap into your arms in a single bound! The Super Hero bear is one of Vermont Teddy Bear’s stellar offerings.
Once upon a time, a Fairy Tale Princess bear traveled to a new friend’s house. This lovely lass is a great gift for little girls and big girls alike!
For Halloween, or for the Goth in your life, here’s a dapper and dashing vampire bear. At the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, he’s called “Love At First Bite.”
Wearing a bow tie and a smile . . . the bare bear is a handsome chap!
Pajamas and a pal to snuggle with! Is there a better combo for a teddy bear collector who loves to get comfortable!
What better way to say “Happy Birthday” to a good pal than with a cuddly cub to call his own?
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September is a month of conflicts for me. For every personal milestone, which is good and happy for me (my birthday, anniversary of when I started working, when I met my adopted daughter for the first time), there seems to be a shadow of sadness (my parents’ deaths, my favorite aunt’s passing away, 9/11). So, September is a month when I can feel alternately cheerful, thinking about the past events, or on edge (wondering if terrorism is, indeed, a part of the past).

Knowing that this is a month of ups and downs, I am particularly touched when I see how my family and friends come together to celebrate the upside of this month. One thing that always cheers me up is receiving a new bear pal—and an unexpected one is especially sweet.

A couple of times, I’ve gotten surprise teddy bears in the mail. What a delight to open up my front door and see a box waiting for my signature. And what’s nestled inside? Better than a dozen roses or a vase of sunflowers—and I ADORE sunflowers—is a new cub to call my own.

One of my friends is the “queen of catalog” shopping. I don’t think that’s her official job description—I mean, she doesn’t file that on her IRS forms—but it’s what she excels at. If she were an athlete, it would be her specialty. She can find anything and everything in a catalog, and she’s always very generous and thoughtful about what she uncovers and shares.

She’s treated me to a host of cuddly bears and ursine Valentines. And one of her favorite places to pick up a Teddy is the Vermont Teddy Bear Company (

Vermont must be one of the most magical places on earth—after all, it’s the home to these made-in-America collectibles, as well as Ben & Jerry’s. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE their Chunky Monkey pints?)

So, this bear company, which gets lots of press coverage and advertising airtime around February 14, has a wide range of characters that are available all year long.

There are bears for birthdays, retirement, graduation, sympathy/mourning, and illness. They are hand for showers, parties, weddings, and every occasion you can envision.

Just as September seems to be a roller-coaster ride for my emotions, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company has designs and offerings for the high points, which deserve honoring and applauding, as well as the low moments, which need assurance and comfort.

One of their new offerings are sets of comfortable, lush pajamas and complementary teddy bears—did I mention how much I love PJ’s and plush companions? Well, I do! And when you sit down and think about it, what a truly great combo! Pajamas and teddy bears really are a perfect fit. They both represent soft, tangible comfort, sleeping with ease and peace of mind, snuggling and hugging, being safe and secure.

So, like the good friend she is, my pal—the ruler of all things transportable and orderable—will surprise me with the ideal item found in a catalog or on an online substitute. With charge card in hand, she’s one determined lady who is always ready to take charge and make a difference.

Big bear hugs to a kind, dear friend!