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Bearing It All: From buttoned-up to unbuttoned and free, Bearington’s Teddies are just right. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 24 September 2012 08:21
The outfits that the Bearington bears sport seem like they would fit my own son and daughter. If not in size, then definitely in style.
I can picture this in a J. Crew catalog. The wardrobe is so wholesome and so all-American. The autumnal colors are perfect for fall.
It’s the perfect salute to the fall and to America’s past glory. The “Gabby and Gobbles” duo is a unique take on Thanksgiving and our Pilgrim past.
Some of the Bearington dressed bears, like “Harper Holiday,” seem to pay tribute to the artwork of Currier and Ives, when skating parties and horse-drawn carriages were part of everyday life.
“Felicity” is as angelic as a snow angel in her Noel tutu.
The ensemble that “Evelyn Evergreen” is modeling is a testament to the lush Technicolor costumes of yesteryear.
Christmas was captured in all of its familial finery in “Meet Me in St. Louis.”
The seasons change in the MGM masterpiece “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and so does Judy Garland’s splendid outfits.
Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all on display at Bearington.
It’s not just bears that are in on the catwalk! There are also well-heeled dogs, dressed up in the K-9 Couture. Here, “Chichi Chihuahua” puts her best paw forward.
If you’re more of a wildlife enthusiast, there are bears that capture that outdoorsy, real-life feel: like “Rocky.”
Lone wolves are often written about in popular culture. Here, “Timber” is sure to find a home. He won’t be alone for long!
The outfits that the Bearington bears sport seem like they would fit my own son and daughter. If not in size, then definitely in style.
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Do you like bare bears or are you more partial toward clothed cubs? Interesting question to ponder. In my own hug, I tend to go toward the dressed designs. Perhaps it’s because of my affinity for dolls—and my own parochial-school upbringing that always required a complete head-to-toe uniform—I gravitate to the bears that are decked out in headbands, Mary Jane shoes, pinafores, and all other adorable outfits.

My son, Tommy, who has a lot of bears on his bookshelves, likes the ones that are more in tune with nature: in other words, the ones that are “au naturel.”

A company that is excellent at providing both wildlife realism and prissy little-girl idealism is the Bearington Collection. (

As I’ve tried to groom my daughter into becoming a doll and/or bear collector, I’ve had much more success on the animal front. She does like the occasional doll—Harry Potter and pals are a special favorite—but she has a lot of Jane Goodall coursing through her veins (good thing, too, since she is named Jane).

I’ve been able to blend the world of dolls and bears (a harmonious one in my mind) when I’ve given her some Bearington Collection characters.

What’s great about the ones that model wardrobes is that they are so spot-on in with their interpretation of childhood couture, as well as grown-up ma and pa togs.

A lot of the outfits from Bearington are nostalgic—they hearken back to simpler times and sweeter days. Many of them seem to be perfect for Currier and Ives prints or the old-fashioned calendars that used to hang in great-grandma’s or grandma’s kitchens.

The Bearington “boutique” also has bunnies and pooches and kittens that are attired in lovely costumes, so folks—like my daughter, Jane—can revel in playing proud mom to a litter of kids!

My son also has a “natural selection” of bears and other critters to choose from—wildlife that is designed to mirror creatures in their pristine, National Geographic poses. (There are lots of majestic eagles, lions, fox, wolves, moose [plural and singular] and deer, to name a few.)

Bearington is a great go-to spot for those of us who want to introduce young’uns to the world of collecting. The offerings are affordably priced but made to stand up to hands-on wear and tear. It’s also a fantastic site to just sit and browse through, seeing how lovely and winsome some well-garbed bears can be.

Think of Judy Garland and her adoring family in “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and envision their flowing, opulent gowns and Technicolor vibrant ensembles—and that’s what the Bearington Collection is akin to. It’s a salute to the way cinematic characters used to dress; it’s a nod to nostalgia; it’s a way to hug memories of the past while building a collection for the future.

Bravo, Bearington! Well done.