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Bears Bare All: Check out these swimsuit mohair models who are sure to make a splash. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 08 July 2013 13:30
The “Cuddly Yours” model at Dear Teddy Bear is rocking her self-confidence. She’s set for an afternoon of rays and swimming fun.
As pretty as Esther Williams, this ursine version is a bona fide “Bathing Beauty” from Vermont Teddy Bear Company.
The VTBC’s “Bathing Beauty” is as attractive from the back as from the front. Her swimsuit cap is quite lovely.
This Cannon Falls Midwest bear isn’t shy about hitting the sand.
Measuring 25 inches tall, she’s a study in plush pulchritude.
Attitude meets a fetching beachtime ensemble.
The Grand Canyon Teddy Bear Company proudly debuts a trio of striking beach divas.
The Pacifix plush teddy bear stands about 13 inches tall and is a heart-tugger with her duckie swimming ring.
Bears and ducks—they go perfect together. Who would have imagined? This crocheted Amigurumi bear, with a duck life preserver, is as cute as cute can be!
Yes, you can do a double take! That is a polar bear in a bikini. Polar bears are naturally gifted swimmers, so why not don a bathing suit? (Image courtesy of “”
Let’s hear it for the boys! This vintage greeting-card design “Teddy Bear Wades in the Surf” is in demand at zazzle, designed by pinkalmond.
Hermann Teddy Bear showcased a respectable gentleman bear clad in a bygone-era man’s swimsuit. Very dapper and dashing.
The very popular Tatty Teddy Bear is so adorable in his beach costume and floating tube. He’s so charming!
The “Cuddly Yours” model at Dear Teddy Bear is rocking her self-confidence. She’s set for an afternoon of rays and swimming fun.
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When the temperatures start to soar, there’s a running joke in our house. Well, actually, not so much a “running” joke as a crawling, sweating, dripping joke. We always say if we think it’s bad, imagine what Annie must be feeling! Annie is our sweet, petite, incredibly fluffy tuxedo cat.

“She’s always dressed for a wedding or an awards show,” my son observed slyly.  And it’s true, Annie always looks like she is ready for a big night on the town. She’s decked out in a perfect approximation of a tux, shirtfront, and even spats.

However, all of that sartorial splendor has got to be a killer in the summer heat. We don’t have central air conditioning, and most of our rooms don’t have any air conditioners at all. We rely a lot on open windows and ceiling fans, so poor Annie can sometimes seem beat by the heat.

“It must be terrible to be wearing a fur suit all the time,” my daughter opined. “If only she could shave her fur into a two-piece!”

That might be helpful for little Annie, and certainly chuckle worthy for us. A kitty in a bikini! Even the thought is amusing, which got me pondering about bears in bathing suits. Yes, teddy bears that are brave enough to bare it all.

Teddy bears are certainly the very definition of being covered from head to toe in fur. And when teddy bears are dressed up by their human companions, the ursine fashion-plates usually reflect a certain holiday or mood or theme. So, when it’s 110 degrees in the shade, what is a plush pal to do?

Simple—put on a bathing suit and enjoy the rays.

There are bears in provocative stringlike thongs, and some Teddies in more conservative tankinis. Bears don’t have to worry about the battle of the bulge—nobody wants a teddy bear that could be mistaken for Twiggy. Bears in bathing suits are able to flaunt every inch of their mohair torsos and their synthetic silhouettes.

How great would it be if we, humans, could borrow a page in body tolerance from these cubs? Rather than worrying if our thighs are too wobbly or our tummies too rounded, we should delight in being who we are and how we appear to be.

Winnie the Pooh, whose anatomy always reminds me of my daughter’s physique through her toddler years, never shied away from showing off his prominent paunch, nor did he ever pass up an extra dollop of honey because of weight issues.

I’m not advocating that everyone should sit down and eat every item on a menu—all at one time—but there has to be allowances made for good, hearty appetites. We’re not all capable of being super skinny and super full from a salad and a tiny side of soup. Some people just have to eat more than others. Our calorie intake helps to fuel us; it shouldn’t fool us into thinking we are what we weigh.

With beach weather all around us, news anchors will be intoning a lot about BMI’s and national standards. From being alive as long as I’ve been, there’s one thing I’ve learned: there is no standard. One size does not really fit all.

Plus, when it comes to BMI, I’d prefer to think of it as “beautiful mohair index.” As any teddy bear aficionado can tell you, the more mohair, the more beautiful.

So, if we can’t forgive ourselves for snacking too much at a Fourth of July barbeque, or we’re not happy that the extra 10 pounds from Christmastime still haven’t melted away, relax and chill out. Let these bathing-beauty bears prove that great things come in all sizes, shapes, and packages.

If we can accept our chubby cubs, then maybe we can accept ourselves—with warts, freckles, and cellulite, too. That would be an excellent step toward independence this year.  Join hands with your Teddy’s paw and take it!