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Mohair Monarch: Enjoy these brilliant bears, all fit for a king or queen! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Monday, 22 July 2013 13:51
The Royal Baby has been keeping tongues wagging for months now—7 months, to be exact. The Great British Teddy Bear Company caught this snapshot of Kate and one of their soft bears.
Imagine having a teddy bear that pays homage to your great-grandma and to you as an omnipotent monarch! If the baby is a girl, one day she will reign over the United Kingdom as a queen. (The Great British Teddy Bear Co.)
For most of us, this “Beefeater” is an image on a postcard (or on an adult-beverage bottle)! For the royal heir, this Merrythought rendering will be part of his or her actual lifestyle.
The “London Guardsman” is an impressive offering from Merrythought. I can see it standing at attention at the foot of a crib.
Beyond tea and crumpets, England gave the world the punk-rock movement. Merrythought has a successful line of Punkie bears. Here are an adorable Punkie “Schoolboy and Schoolgirl.”
Merrythought has a traditional line of nursery companions that would be right at home in a royal setting. Isn’t their “Binky Bunny” a Victorian delight?
“London Gold” is simply gorgeous! This lineup of eye-popping and well-crafted bears is presented by Merrythought.
The Great British Teddy Bear Co. has a spot-on depiction of a London City Gentleman. Won’t he look dapper on a nursery rocker!
Meet one of literature’s first superheroes! Robin Hood is part of the fabric of British storytelling. (The Great British Teddy Bear Co.)
Both proud dad Prince William, and supercool uncle Prince Harry, are serving members of the British armed forces. This Army Bear hails from the Great British Teddy Bear Co.
Part of the Merrythought Country Character collection is this very upper-crust “Huntsman Fox.” Fox hunting is part of country-estate life in many “posh” districts.
Also joining in the Country Character coterie is this sportsman “Shooting Labrador.”
The Royal Baby has been keeping tongues wagging for months now—7 months, to be exact. The Great British Teddy Bear Company caught this snapshot of Kate and one of their soft bears.
start stop bwd fwd

While I’m blogging this week, I have one eye on my keyboard and one ear glued to the radio. I can’t wait to exhort the old-fashioned, tried-and-true expression: “Stop the Presses!” Yes, I am on “Royal Baby Watch,” along with a majority of female correspondents who hail from all corners of the globe.

Just like “The Three Stooges” TV show and movies are a barometer for male-female dynamics—most men LOVE the trio; most women are left puzzled—the impending birth of the “Royal Baby” has that kind of gender gap, too.

It seems that Prince William is the only guy in the world who is really into the arrival of this future king or queen of the United Kingdom. Most men roll their eyes or stare, stupefied, that enclaves of women are buying magazine articles, purchasing commemorative programs, and are watching cable news 24/7 to hear about the first spams of labor.

The world has been made smaller by the coverage of Kate’s baby-to-be, and everyone—okay, most women—have an opinion on what sex the baby will be, what the child’s name will be, and when it is actually going to emerge. (Kate’s mom has said that her grandchild is fated to be born under the star sign of Leo, July 22 to August 22.)

One thing everyone can agree on is that the future heir to the throne is a major boost to the British economy. Financial observers are calculating that the infusion of cash in connection to tourism, memorabilia, souvenirs, vacation destinations, and commodities cranked out in connection to the infant will rise to over $400 million dollars. Imagine that—at a second old, the new prince or princess will already have earned nearly half-a-billion dollars for the nation. Talk about taking one for the home team!

While the babe is generating funds galore, he or she will also be the recipient of huge outpourings of generosity. Friends, family members, peers, and colleagues will be gifting the child of William and Kate with head-turning bounty.

Amid the silver spoons and tiaras, there will also be more humble and more relatable presents. Just how many teddy bears do you think are going to be marching their way to the royal nursery? That could be a fun betting pool as well.

A pair of local DJs has been chatting about purchasing a gift for the mystery baby, because they have been swept up in the stork fever. (Incidentally, these are two female radio personalities.) And, yes, the child will be getting gifts from royal intimates as well as from anonymous, adoring fans.

To feel like I’m part of the pomp and circumstance, I’ve put together a parade of possible ursine companions for the unknown, unborn heir. All of these bears are made in England, and they are connected to two fantastic British companies: Merrythought and The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

Merrythought is the older of the two, and has a dynastic appeal to it. Family owned and operated, it has been a part of the toy scene for more than 80 years. The Great British Teddy Bear Company is much younger—it is only six years old, having emerged in a major, fund-raising way in 2007.

That’s actually quite reflective of what is currently happening in London. Kate and Wills (Prince William’s nickname for those in the know) are swept up in a dynastic saga—you can say it’s the oldest soap opera in recorded history. The prince and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, are players in an ancestral pageant that goes back further than any of us Yanks can even envision. We are a modern, more “in the present” type of citizens.

However, Kate and Wills also have their feet firmly planted in the contemporary world. Kate is university educated, has held a job, speaks her mind, and comes from the “commoner” ranks. She’s not a child bride or a pawn in a nation-building marital arrangement.

If photos and press clippings are to be believed, these are two grown-ups who are in love. Imagine that! A prince and his spouse who actually care for and adore one another—that’s a modern innovation.

Playing to the cameras, allowing their every movement to be Facebooked and Tweeted, they are the very models of a very modern couple. So, it’s only fitting that the royal nursery should be festooned with both historical, classic designs as well as modern, contemporary creations.

With that in mind, enjoy these very British bears, and imagine them decked around the little monarch’s cradle. And, if you want, you can order one to be sent to the future ruler of the United Kingdom (St. Mary’s Hospital, Lindo Wing, London; or Nottingham Cottage, Kensington Palace). Better yet, you can scoop one up for your own little prince or princess. Either way, long live the king or queen!

Royal Baby-watching is quite the delightful pastime. Hip, hip, hooray!

STOP THE PRESSES: the Royal Baby is here. Details--it's a boy. Kate and Will have birthed a future king!